Hunnu Mining Service


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, particularly when that whole is 3 high performing companies that have been servicing the mining industry for decades. Nordic Minesteel Technologies, ZMEngineering and Hasu Megawatt work together under the company name Hunnu Mining Service. Hunnu combines the strength, experience and deep knowledge of all 3 of its founding partners.

Between us we engineer, manufacture, deliver and install just about anything you need to make your mining operation a success. With global reach and adhering to the highest international quality standards, we have helped some of the world’s finest organizations solve incredibly complex mining challenges. Our team’s extensive knowledge ensures that we can custom design solutions to work every time by using the most current and innovative technologies available.



Better together, Nordic Minesteel Technologies and Kanex Group developed a joint venture to pursue underground rail haulage opportunities within the Russian mining industry. NMT KANEX offers an advanced rail haulage system for continuous loading and unloading in underground mines. Leading technology used in chutes, mine cars, unloading stations, track design and layout and automation will ensure optimized flow of ore 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.