Haulage Solutions

It is not just about delivering exceptionally cost-effective equipment and designs.

It is also about working with you to minimize your costs every step of the way. Downtime is lost time for any working mine and that is what propelled our team to design rail car technology for continuous loading and unloading. Our mine cars haven’t just been designed for high-speed operation; they are also designed to produce the lowest cost per ton hauled, even under extreme rail conditions. Our systems can be designed to sustain up to a 30-year life span, making them more economical in the long run and lowering their maintenance costs to well below many other haulage systems on the market.

Need to orchestrate underground haulage and loading? We will design and supply the system you need to load, unload and do everything in between. Our know-how in underground haulage and loading systems is backed by more than 30 years experience. From chutes, to mine cars and unloading stations, Nordic Minesteel Technologies provides top-of-the-line equipment, designs using integrated custom solutions and provides all the expertise to get you – and keep you – moving.

Rail cars

With more than 30 years of experience in designing underground rail haulage and loading systems, we have the wisdom to understand what our customers require. Our designers and engineers are available to assist in system optimization and can custom design wagons of any capacity. Rail cars are available in side-hinge or end-hinge bottom discharge.

Haulage Automation

Facing the need to orchestrate underground haulage and loading? Look to a company that can design, and supply the system you need to load, unload and do everything in between: Nordic Minesteel Technologies. Our know-how in underground haulage and loading systems is backed by a wealth of wisdom and experience, as well as a dedication to innovation in the name of our customer, giving you what you need to get the job done. From chutes to mine cars and unloading stations, NMT provides top of the line equipment and designs using integrated custom solutions.

NMT’s world class automation has reduced production times at large mine sites owned by LKAB, Freeport-McMoRan and BHP Billiton.

NMT’s use of automation increases mine site safety by removing operator personnel and allows for continuous loading and unloading, automated dispatch, as well as speed and traffic control, leaving a fully autonomous product.

Haulage Level Electrification

A state-of-the-art trolley system, designed by Schalke Locomotives, part of the NMT Group, will enhance your operation. You’ll find reduced ventilation requirements when using haulage level electrification and outlasts batteries for long distance haulage; eliminates the need for diesel engines or trucks and offers reduced maintenance due to cleaner power source.

Haulage level integration

Haulage level integration is available with standard controls which are easily tied into the overall mine control system for remote control or monitoring. Information passes to/from the train through radio signals with the system displaying the permitted, actual and target speeds and movement authority, presented through a graphical alphanumeric and analogue display, with both audible and visual alarms, as well as driverless operation. Train separation can be achieved through moving or fixed virtual block sections, there is a single computer system, switch point machines controlled by interlockings, and a screen control room handles train supervision.