OTR maintenance like you’ve never experienced before.

Safety, speed and efficiency – the Titan220 is the worlds safest, fastest, ultra-class haul truck jacking system. A revolution in the haul truck maintenance industry, the Titan220 shows that NMT knows that continuous production demands and material handling requires real equipment solutions: innovation based on experience, know how, and the access to ideas and collaborators that are available at Nordic Minesteel Technologies. Bold innovation has always been at the heart of NMT Group of Companies.

Maintenance performed on OTR haul trucks, is time consuming and traditionally very dangerous. Lifting at single points, using jack extensions, running pneumatic hoses, placing additional safety stands, falling debris and lateral loads are risks maintenance personnel face daily.

That’s why the patented Titan220 is designed to keep operators safe by using remote controls to easily position the Titan220 under the chassis of a haul truck, and utilizing the OEM-certified lift points, elevate and stabilize a complete axle of an ultra-class haul truck to perform a secure dual-point lift. When lifting the load, the Titan220 uses the automatic hydraulic locking valves plus four secondary mechanical locking arms, giving the operator visual confirmation that the load is secure. With the latest hydraulic and electric technology being used transform the Titan220 into a certified safety stand, eliminating the need for secondary supports.

The Titan220 has an above average footprint of 6.5 m2 and the complete axle of a 400t class haul truck is lifted and supported remotely with technicians away from potential danger in less than 3 minutes from position.

And not only does the increased safety considerations have tire and maintenance technicians pointing to the Titan220 as a game-changing addition to the haul truck maintenance industry but the increase in truck availability due to less maintenance downtime is adding efficiency throughout the site. With the Titan220, you work smart, not hard.