Our Story

When innovative minds work together to use the experience from their past successes while always looking for how to improve the mining industry, it can lead to a series of ‘firsts.’

Innovators with cutting edge and leading technologies – the future brought to you by companies with a proud and proven history. Cutting-edge haulage solutions that allow for continuous loading with minimal spillage; car suspension technology that minimizes derailment under extreme rail conditions; the development of a cantilevered steel guide system to allow for high speed hoisting; the huckbolting approach, which virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance in equipment and shafts; even the design of bi-folding ventilation doors to save space, process high volume air flows and allow for easy passage of large mobile equipment, we’ve accomplished a lot during our history in the industry. But rather than rest on our laurels, we are dedicated to staying ahead of it.

It’s not just about the decades of mining experience that our team brings to the table. It’s also about the deep knowledge behind our team of professionals, possessing the most current and innovative mining technology available today. Education is continuous, and our team’s certifications are to the highest industry standards.

When you call us you know we will answer with the right solution to work in any country and every situation.
Strategic alliances, subsidiaries and joint venture projects have enabled NMT to serve diverse operations globally.
Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc (NMT) offers integrated underground haulage systems. From Nordic Chutes, loading pockets, rail cars to unloading stations, skips, cages, head sheaves and shaft steel. We pride ourselves on site specific custom engineered products and can offer various levels of continuous automation.