Specialized Maintenance Equipment
Specialized Maintenance Equipment

Specialized Maintenance Equipment (SME) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NMT. SME’s vision is to provide high-tech, heavy duty equipment that provides fast, smart and safe solutions to the international mining industry. For more information visit our subsidiary page.



Conventional methods to lift and secure a haul truck are time consuming and dangerous. Mine sites often contain a variety of truck models and contend with changing site conditions. Maintenance employees need to manually place multiple support stands under a lifted 240-400 ton haulage truck creating a high risk safety situation.

  • Lifts and secures 400 ton haulage trucks in less than 3 minutes
  • Acts as its own safety stand, no additional safety stands required
  • Remote control reduces risk of injury to operator
  • Easy front and rear access
  • Operator and mechanic friendly
  • Low profile and can pass under the extended bumpers

Increase Truck Availability 

SLT220 Rear Lift
SLT220 Centre Lift


Wear Products


ore pass liners


Long-life Laminate (Domite) offers the ultimate in protection for extreme applications resulting in increased production, less down time and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Chocky bars
  • Wear buttons and donuts
  • Standard wear bars
  • Laminate (Domite) microledge
  • Standard wear plates
  • Rockbox
  • Skid bars
  • Grizzly bars
  • Shredder/grinder tips
  • Knife edges
  • Wafer strips

Ore pass liners are an integral part of the material handling system.  NMT engineers a custom interlocking design for ease of installation and durability.

  • Liners are available in a variety of materials to benefit specific site conditions
  • Each ore pass liner application is studied and the optimal liner design is determined before manufactured

We know that downtime is lost time. That is why should you ever encounter a problem or have a question, we are here to help you.

  • Engineering & Design
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Export Packaging & Delivery
  • Transportation System Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Available Support
  • Re-builds
  • Safety Certification Inspections 
  • Specialty Projects 


Rope de-torquer

Due to the construction of most wire ropes used for hoisting, torque in the rope builds up over time. Left long enough this torque buildup can cause premature wear and in extreme cases can cause the rope to kink.

The NMT rope torque crosshead is designed to suit each specific application and can be adapted to fit any rope diameter and shaft layout whether 2-guide or 4-guide. Building from a brake frame, interchangeable outriggers and machined to size rope bushings guarantee a controlled spin as the torque is removed.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Spring applied hydraulic release (SAHR) disc brake
  • Power pack and hose storage is combined on an easy to maneuver hand cart
  • Easily adjustable hydraulic pressure ensures a controlled spin as the rope torque is released
  • Adjustable arms and guide clamps to fit different compartment sizes
  • Standard model is equipped with fork lift tubes for ease of handling
  • Split bushings supplied to clamp to your specific rope diameter