Shaft-related Solutions

NMT offers full-service capabilities for all shaft-related solutions.

We provide 5-year inspections (required by OHSA/MSHA) and recertification on our products and those previously supplied by our competitors.

We provide head sheave, skip and cage inspections and recertification as well as: guide rollers, pneumatic, solid or urethane tires, manual adjustment or full suspension with compression and rebound capability; roll-on inspection hoods for faster easier installation; Hydraulic rope de-torquers; Catch gear and Arrestors; Underslung work platforms; Free fall test tower; Hydraulic skip dump mechanisms for limited over-wind; as well as Mechanical and hydraulic chairing and conveyance rebuilds on our products and those previously supplied by our competitors.


Our standard arc-gate and bottom dump skips are well suited for almost any application. For specialized situations we also offer, sala, front dump and kimberley skips. NMT skips are fabricated in aluminum, steel and stainless steel or a combination of materials as needed. Our unique design for aluminum skips eliminates the common complaint of cracking welds which are often difficult to repair at remote sites. Corrosive environments and dissimilar metals are mitigated with experienced design, galvanic barriers and sacrificial anodes. Impact and wear are controlled with various rubber impact and high brinell liners.

Arc Gate Skip

Arc Gate Skip has the lowest maintenance of any skip type with no safety latches to maintain a smooth, fast opening, making it ideal for dry, crushed material.

The Bottom Dump Skip

The Bottom Dump Skip is the low-maintenance workhorse of the mining industry with a quick-change bucket design allowing fast bucket change-out for minimal down time. Liners can be changed safely and conveniently away from the shaft and it is ideal for wet, sticky, uncrushed material.

The Kimberly Skip

The Kimberly Skip is low-maintenance with the best payload to weight ratio, with slower dumping, making it economical and ideal for smaller operations.

Intrepid Potash Bottom dump skips
Trailer Cage


Service & Auxiliary Cages

Service & Auxiliary Cages have two guide, four guide and rope guide as well as single, double and triple decks available. There are safety mechanisms for wood, steel and rope guides, standard door types and counterweighted guillotine doors. Available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel, there are many convenient features available to custom design to your requirements.

Trailer Cages

Trailer Cages allow for quick connect design, in or out in 5 minutes which increases skip capability by removing trailer cage during skipping. Retractable guide wear slippers and guide rollers make for a fast install, with only two people required, no crane or other equipment needed.

Shaft Sinking Gear

We have worked closely with many of the top shaft sinking contractors in the industry and are well-known throughout the mining world.

  • Multi-deck galloway stages
  • Sinking buckets and crossheads
  • Collar and safety doors
  • Blasting sets
  • Portable headframes
  • Headframe sinking steel
Shaft work stages
Big Gossan

Galloways and Work stages

NMT will work closely with your project team to select and design the optimum shaft sinking solution. We have supplied galloways and work stages to mine operations around the world for over 25 years.

  • Standard built with 3 – 5 decks
  • Sinking and equipping galloways
  • Trial assembly results in faster field set ups

Concrete Forms

For over 25 years, NMT have designed and fabricated numerous site specific concrete forms for world-class mining operations. Custom height and diameters as well as tier levels as required to meet clients needs.

Shaft concrete forms

Shaft Steel

We have supplied shaft steel for major projects around the world for over 25 years. We are well known throughout the industry for our consistent high quality product. NMT played an integral part in developing the first North American shaft steel installation to utilize cantilevered steel guide technology for high speed hoisting. This along with huckbolted steelwork increased flexibility in the guide string thus decreasing stress on the steel work and conveyances. Shaft maintenance was reduced and the life of the mine shaft and equipment extended significantly. NMT further collaborated with industry experts to develop the bob-tail huckbolt to facilitate steel installation.